The Northern NJ Celiac Disease Support Group

After our son Cesar Michael was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, we did not know anything about the disease. My boss at work recommended us to attend The Northern NJ Celiac Disease Support group. This has been the best advice I have ever received. It has helped our son gain confidence and be motivated in maintaining a healthy gluten-free diet.

If you or a love one has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, my wife and I will definitely recommend you to attend a support group.

If you live in North Jersey, we recommend you to attend The Northern NJ Celiac Disease Support Group. You could join on line at . Diane Caleca McGee has done a great job organizing the meetings. After joining the group, she will update you via e-mail on future meeting or events. Diane Caleca McGee has a son that has not only been diagnosed with celiac disease but also with Crohn’s disease. She also has a daughter that has been diagnosed with celiac disease. She states “Initially the gf diet was overwhelming but now it’s second nature to us!”

My son loves attending the meetings because he feels that he is not the only one with the disease. He feels that he is not the only one coping with celiac. Cesar Michael says “meeting with others with celiac disease makes you feel that you are not alone.”

During our meetings, we have learned a great deal in coping with the disease. We had had people with celiac disease speak and share their everyday life experiences, travels, new gluten-free diet trends, what is safe and unsafe in purchasing diet foods.  We have also had Gluten-Free Vendors share their gluten-free diet products for tasting. Our son has tasted the products before we purchase them at the grocery store.

One of the positive experiences, as mentioned before, in attending The Northern NJ Celiac Disease Support Group is that several vendors are more than willing to bring their products for tasting at the meetings. Every time we have attended the meetings, there have been 3 or more gluten-free vendors with samples and some of them bring extra products available for purchase as well.

The Northern New Jersey Celiac Support Group meets at
The Valley Hospital
The Dorothy B Kraft Center,
15 Essex Road,
Paramus, NJ, 07652.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday February 23rd, 2012 from 7:00-9:00 PM. We will be honored to have Ronni Alicea, registered dietician, speak about her expertise in maintaining a healthy gluten-free diet. She is a great lively and informative speaker. The group is delighted to welcome her back again. There will be samples of several gluten free products as well.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming 2012 meetings:
Tuesday, March 20
Thursday, April 19
Thursday, May 17
Thursday, June 21

The meeting fee is $2.00 per adult and free for children.

In summary, the benefits in joining a Celiac Support group will:

  • Help you build a support network. You will meet and interact with others with celiac disease.
  • Share experiences. You will have speakers share their experiences in coping with the disease.
  • Support groups will teach you the best ways in maintaining a healthy gluten-free diet.
  • Support groups will help gain confidence and motivated. You will feel that you are not alone.
There are many support groups across North America. Some support groups have local chapters. Some of the well-known groups are: The Gluten Intolerance group, The Celiac Sprue Association, The Celiac Disease Foundation, The Canadian Celiac Association, Raising Our Celiac Kids (R.O.C.K) etc.

Join a support group, it can provide you with a positive experience and a great emotional support we also recommend to buy a good book of gluten-free diet e-Book written by people that are coping with Celiac disease.

Not only our son Cesar Michael enjoys attending the support meetings but we as parents as well. It is important for parents to get educated in helping their children get a safe and healthy gluten-free diet.

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  2. Hello I just got diagnosed with celiac disease and I have no idea what to eat and what I can not eat. As of now I am so nervous that I don’t even feel like eating. My family doesn’t know what to cook either. I wanted to know if you are still holding a support group and if so when and where?

    Thank you!

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