My Son’s Low Bone Density Improvement Update | Celiac disease

Unfortunately when someone has Celiac disease with damaged Villi, chances are that the nutrients in the food are not digested properly by the body. This is a condition called “malabsorption.”  As I stated in a previous post titled “Celiac disease can lead to Osteoporosis,” my son Cesar Michael was prescribed a Bone Density Scan Test which showed an extra low bone density and diagnosed with Osteoporosis.

Up-to-now, he has succeeded in gaining bone density. His pediatrician is very happy on the outcome achieved so far even though Cesar still needs to continue preventing the loss of bone density. Next, I will mention the steps followed to stop low bone density.


  • A healthy gluten-free Diet.

    Cesar Michael’s pediatrician explained to us that in order to prevent more damage to the bones, a gluten-free diet was important. Going with a healthy gluten-free diet, most importantly, will stop damaging the internal tissues of the small intestine called Villi.

  • Calcium and Vitamins.

    Calcium and Vitamin D are important elements to strengthen the bones. My son’s pediatrician advised us to include Calcium in his diet. Cesar was also prescribed Vitamin D which would help his body absorb calcium.

  • Exercising.

    This is a very important step in preventing low bone density. Cesar’s pediatrician advised us that it is very important to exercise as often as possible to get the bones stronger. Luckily, my son’s Uncle Andrew is knowledgeable in exercising. He has helped my son exercise. A list of exercises has included squats, running, walking, and light weight lifting. They run five days a week for about 45 minutes. Exercising will strengthen the muscles. The muscles support the bones. By strengthening the muscles you are able to keep exercising easily. Therefore, if you strengthen the muscle and the bones, you are able to reduce the risk of breaking a bone. Cesar Michael loves to exercise. He is very active.

In conclusion, according to my son’s last bone density test, Cesar Michael has been able to not only stop bone density loss but been able to gain bone density by maintaining a healthy gluten-free diet,  including calcium in his diet, taking Vitamin D; and most of all, following a daily exercise routine.

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