Schools need Gluten-free snack vending machines

Schools need to bring in dedicated Gluten-free snack vending machines for students that suffer with gluten intolerance of any type and have to follow a healthy gluten-free diet.

Well, having dedicated gluten-free snack vending machines at any workplace is also a great idea. Even non-gluten intolerant people are trying to eat healthy and trying to eliminate gluten from their diet.

This idea came from my son Cesar Michael who suffers from Celiac disease, a disease caused by digesting gluten found in wheat, rye and barley.  Cesar Michael said, “I wish my school would have a snack machine that only sells gluten-free snacks.” I told him that it was a great idea and that he needed to bring it to the principal’s attention.

Gluten free snack vending machine

Dedicated gluten-free snack vending machines in schools will help students will gluten intolerance maintain a healthy diet.

It quickly came into my mind that a special gluten-free vending machine needs to only carry “gluten-free” items to prevent any type of gluten cross contamination. Gluten-free snacks are hard to find in regular vending machines. If you could only eat gluten-free foods and have a limited break time, you could spend about 5 minutes of your time trying to read the labels whether a snack in a regular vending machine is or is not gluten-free.

My daughter Cecilia Marie also suffers from Wheat sensitivity which is completely different from Celiac disease. Having wheat sensitivity is less dangerous than celiac disease because its symptoms could be temporary. According to National Foundation for Celiac Awareness – NFCA, it is estimated that 18 million Americans suffer from gluten sensitivity which is also called “non-celiac gluten sensitivity.”

Anyway, whether anyone suffers from celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, the only treatment is a gluten-free diet.

If you have children with gluten intolerance, you know how difficult is to prepare their daily snacks and lunches for school. So it makes sense that if establishments have a dedicated gluten-free snack machines, you could at least know that your child can always get a healthy snack anytime.

This is a great opportunity for vending machine business owners, there is a big potential in growing your business. You will not only bring a healthy snack to a student but also provide them with nutritious and a safe gluten-free diet.

3 thoughts on “Schools need Gluten-free snack vending machines

  1. Caesar,

    Thank you for your blog post in regard to the need for a dedicated gluten free vending option for schools. I have just launched the very first vending company dedicated to gluten free food and beverages and am in discussions with school districts in my area! I would be happy to discuss opportunities for your daughter’s school district! Please contact me.

    Amy at iBGFree, Corp.

  2. I’ve worked in the vending industry for 10 years now, and while I understand your desire for gluten free vending machines, it’s just not practical. Before I begin, I do not mean to disparage your argument. We offer gluten free options, and highlight them as such. But to make an entire machine gluten free, especially in a school, we would be throwing out hundreds of snacks a week. The demand in a single location does not exist to warrant an entire gluten free machine.

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